Summerland Trail, Mount Rainier National Park

The odds and ends of Summer 2018

I’ve always believed in writing authentically, which is why I’m here to tell you that I’m don’t have a perfectly crafted narrative that puts everything together in a linear way. Julie Van’s blog remindme that I can look at the pieces of my life and let them tell their own story.

So here are the odds and ends of Summer 2018 that I’ve compiled from all of my writing about love, home, and belonging:

I’m learning that I can choose you and me at once

This is the wildest love of my life

Us, I think we’re falling

This leather-bound notebook is the only thing that feels like home

Cookie dough ice cream in a kids cup

I can feel myself glowing

You are a ghost of what I remember

Will you call me

Sometimes fate needs a little guidance

I need a little guidance

The butterflies are alive and well again

No one sees me as clearly as you

Vulnerability or trust, they are inextricably tied

It’s about the craft and the community

Push push push push

I have a voice

They just can’t hear it

You will live in every piece of writing that I love

You can’t be what you can’t see

Let’s show them something different

I’d never forgive you, I whisper

As the corners of my mind bring you back

Have you ever been this close in real life

I’ve been waiting for a love like this

This moment is infinite

A dozen roses, I can give you one now

Seattle in 10,000 colors

My mind is far away


I need to leave soon

I can’t miss you

How do they leave

And take all of you with them

My content is live

You’ve always been a writer

Does that mean I’m worthy of the title

I’m nervous

that’s new, I think

I’m living authentically

My stories, I think they hear them

A design & diversity fellow

Empathy, understanding without agreement

I’ll never quite dress the part

I told myself, I’ll never be broke again

Missed opportunities for conversation

I could be drunk on you for a while

We miss each other a lot these days

Another day in transit

Everything I own, now in storage

Her eyes shine like mine

I can be free of you

You’ve never looked this happy

I know

Sunflowers and dahlias

They bloom like us

Forever, a word that sounds foreign in our mouths

On the periphery of this city

Is my writing as vivid as me

This was never home anyway

Am I exhausted or angry

The responsibility to inspire

I’m lucky to be free

Looking for clues

Love letters I can’t send

Freedom and guilt, I am well-versed in both

For you, I’d give it another chance

I am a poet

because I speak in truths

is it love

if you give away parts of yourself

maybe love needs time

how long should I wait

the world is beautiful again



I write about representation in media, travel, & storytelling 🌈 | lifting as I climb | marketer at Microsoft & freelance speaker |

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Aleenah Ansari

Aleenah Ansari

I write about representation in media, travel, & storytelling 🌈 | lifting as I climb | marketer at Microsoft & freelance speaker |