I’m an interest changer — and I’m proud of it

But even after two years of completing the Calculus, Chemistry, and Biology series in college, I struggled to embrace this field as my own. I waited for the moment when the hours spent in labs and libraries and study rooms would finally feel make me think, “I can see why it’s worth it.” But I never felt that way.

4 personal statements, 2 years of college, and 153 credits later, I’ve finally admitted that I want to be an HCDE major — and what’s crazy is that I’ve always known that I want to do this, but I didn’t think that I could. I know it’s been a windy road, but I’ve finally made it.

I am an interest changer — but I’m also a resilient storyteller who’s trying to learn from other narratives. I’m a future engineer/user experience designer who will always put people first. I’m an educator who’s always learning that I can be more inclusive, empathetic, and supportive. And I’m bringing all of me to the table regardless of what industry I enter.



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