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A4: Video Prototype for Headspace | HCDE 451

The Task

For this assignment, we were tasked with creating a video promotion that outlines a clear problem and how an application can address this problem. Then, we were asked to outline the main affordance of the app

I decided to focus on Headspace, a meditation app that offers a range of exercises for anxiety, stress relief, sleep, focus, and more.

Drafting the Video

My video centered around the experience of a student who is working on her computer and feels stressed, so she decided to turn to Headspace. I focused on creating a sense of contrast in attitude before-and-after using the app. For example, the student appears stressed and frustrated in the beginning, but they feel more in control and at ease upon using the app, which is why they make eye contact with their camera and smile at the end of the video

The first draft of my video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7raO3lnTGYI

Based on feedback from my peers, I made the following changes:

  • I switched the filming of my prototype from vertical to horizontal so that I could take up the full screen. This ensured that I used more of the frame to outline my user’s problem.
  • I used a “screen recording” feature to show a more focused set of screens from the app that focuses on the range of exercises available and the way that it tracks meditations.
  • I added the “Headspace” logo at the end of the video because this is a convention of this video promotion genre.

The second draft of my video is available here:


Overall, I think the second draft was more successful because it conveyed a more succinct story in a professional manner.

Potential Revisions

If I made more time to iterate on this feedback, I would:

  • Add music to create a clear mood for the viewer. Ideally, I would use more discordant music in the beginning when the user seems stressed, and then switch to more soothing music at the end when the user seems to feel more in control of their stress.
  • Include a scene of the user actually meditating and interacting with the app.
  • Shoot in a wider range of places so it feels more like a story.



I write about representation in media, travel, & storytelling 🌈 | lifting as I climb | marketer at Microsoft & freelance speaker | www.aleenahansari.com

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